About US

90 mile radius

We're sprayers of Edinburgh.
However why not go the extra mile
and help more distant Clients as
well? We expand radius of our
professional painting services up to90 miles.

Undisturbed business

Our hours are flexible. We're
operating 24/7/365, so operation
can take place in most convenient
time for you. We can work after your
operating hours so area will be
ready for the next morning.

Better look

Than brush and roller painting.
Spray painting is much more
accurate, better quality and can
cover hard to reach areas.

Lower bill

When applied in commercial
use in most cases spray painting
is incomparably more cost effective
than traditional painting,
which helps you save money
for your other purposes.

Best way to ask

We'll answer all your questions, prepare estimate and help you make the decision best for you.

Minimum order price is 500 GBP.

Your name:
Your company:
What needs painting:
and what is its area in m2:
Additional info:
Email address:
Phone no:
How would you like us to contact you?
Work area images and documentation.

Contact data

The best way to contact us is via email or quote with attached documents and photos. In case of other issues just give us a call.


9 Peffer Business Centre, North Peffer Place, Edinburgh, EH16 4UZ
Landline: 0131 203 3029
Mobile :0771 386 7104
Email: info@a1sprayers.co.uk


198 Piersfield Terrace, Edinburgh, EH8 7BN
Landline: 0131 203 3029
Mobile: 0771 386 7104
Email: info@a1sprayers.co.uk

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 8am-4pm

Area covered

Our Paint Service is based in Edinburgh but we also offer our professional service in a 90 mile radius from the centre of town.